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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a safe, hands-on therapy that focuses on the framework of your body, consisting of the bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues. Osteopaths assess the condition of this musculo-skeletal system looking for areas of weakness, imbalance and excessive tension or strain. We use a range of techniques, from soft tissue massage, stretching and joint mobilisation and manipulation in order to treat the cause of pain, rather than the symptoms. By restoring normal function to the musculo-skeletal system it aids your body’s natural defence mechanisms to help it return to a state of pain-free health.


What can it help?

  • Back and neck pain
  • Generalised aches and pains
  • Joint pains and postural strains
  • Sports injuries
  • Sciatica, arthritic and rheumatic pain
  • Shoulder and elbow pains including frozen shoulder and tennis elbow
  • Cervicogenic headaches
  • Circulatory problems
  • Digestion problems
  • Inability to relax


Who can benefit?

Osteopathy is suitable for everyone. At Darlington Osteopathic Clinic, we treat people of all ages, from expectant mums and their babies, sporty people, office professionals, to the more mature of us.

You don’t need a referral from you GP and you don’t have to wait to make an appointment.

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Osteopathic training involves four years Masters degree study, including in depth study of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Osteopathy is one of three complementary healthcare professions in the UK recognised by the government, recommended in the NICE guidelines for treatment of neck and back pain, and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council. It is an offence to practice as an osteopath within the UK without being registered with the GOsC.


Is Osteopathy for Me?

As osteopathy works with the mechanics of the human body and posture, it can be used to not only to relieve pain but to improve health and function. It can be used alongside orthodox medical treatment in all ages from the new born infant to the growing teenager, the sporty (or non-sporty) adult the expectant mum, to the elderly.

Clinic Opening Hours

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