Darlington Osteopathic Clinic
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What to Expect from your First Appointment

On your first appointment you will be asked a series of in-depth questions to explore the symptoms from which you are suffering and your medical history will be taken. This is to ensure that the right diagnosis is reached. A physical examination will then be carried out. This often involves undressing to your underwear so that we can properly assess the problem areas. You will be asked to perform some simple movements so that we can see how your spine functions before we use our highly trained palpation skills to assess your muscles and joints. The diagnosis will then be discussed with you before your treatment begins.

We strive to ensure good communication during and after the session and will therefore take our time to explain everything in a clear manner. It is important to us that you feel at ease, so please feel free to ask any questions if you have any concerns. Following treatment we may give you some advice/information on posture, stretches and exercises, cold/warm therapy and if appropriate ergonomic advice.

The majority of musculoskeletal problems respond well to treatment although if we believe that osteopathic treatment is not suitable for you then we will refer you to another healthcare practitioner who will be able to help. We may also need to contact your doctor but will only do so with your permission.

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Is Osteopathy for Me?

As osteopathy works with the mechanics of the human body and posture, it can be used to not only to relieve pain but to improve health and function. It can be used alongside orthodox medical treatment in all ages from the new born infant to the growing teenager, the sporty (or non-sporty) adult the expectant mum, to the elderly.

Clinic Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
Late Clinics Tues & Thurs until 7pm
Alternate Sat 9am - 12pm